3 Painless Strategies To Grow Your Online Sales


Successful online marketing demands a varied assortment of different skills, but in the race to create an online business, some of the basics can end up getting neglected… and these can result in a substantial difference to the success of your whole business.

So here are 3 of the top internet marketing strategies to improve your sales and grow your website’s profitability:

1. Grab Your Visitor’s Attention:

Getting your potential customer’s attention is crucial. You have only got between 3 to 5 seconds to accomplish this – any more and in many cases they will go somewhere else and you will have missed the chance altogether.

Adding an appealing title to your content is particularly important if you want to convince them to carry on reading what you have to say. The problem is that they will not take in your message, no matter how good it is, if they don’t read your site’s content to start with. So in addition to getting their attention, you then need to make the rest of your article body as easy to read as possible so that they stay captivated all the way through to the last paragraph.

Lists and bullet points are always liked in internet marketing as they are uncomplicated to read and can be scanned fast by a reader who is in a rush. The prospect of a free report, video or downloadable ebook will routinely grasp their attention as well.

2. Look At The Layout Of Your Website:

WordPress is a superb resource when it comes to developing a blog, but as a greater number of online marketing specialists learn how to use it themselves, the overall functionality and design of an increasing number of blogs can struggle.

This will give rise to some sites looking chaotic, with too many banners, widgets and other features all vying for the attention of your customer. This creates a confusing layout that does not direct the visitor in the direction you want and can therefore lead to wasted opportunities.

A good website design will be easy to navigate, clean, crisp, functional and will steer your customer in the right direction. For example, you may want to capture their email address in return for offering them a free downloadable product of some description. Or direct them in the direction of a sales page instead. A good website design will assist in making this achievable, while a bad layout will leave your reader with no clear direction.

3. Capture Your Reader’s Details:

Typically, no more than 5% of your website’s visitors will buy anything on their first visit – and the quantity is in fact invariably noticeably less than this. So it becomes more and more important to capture your potential customer’s email details meaning you can keep in touch and email them new products and promotions in the weeks and months ahead.

The most successful technique to do this is to offer a free downloadable ebook, video, short report or something else that provides some real appeal and value. A product they really want in other words. They provide their email address and their acceptance to receive more offers from you and in return, you give them access to the free product they are after. Everyone’s a winner.

This facility is not difficult to offer through your site and will make a noticeable difference to your profit if you approach it properly. Yet I repeatedly come across internet marketing sites that fail to provide this feature.

They depend on a potential customer buying what they are after at the first visit and as a result, lose out on the longer term, bigger picture. After all, at least 95% of their potential buyers are not likely to buy anything first time round – and that is a missed opportunity in most people’s books.

These 3 factors offer a significant opportunity for you to strengthen your online sales and by altering your site to incorporate them, you will see a sizeable jump in your conversions – and therefore of course, your profits.

Adrian Kay is an online marketing specialist and the founder of Internet Marketing Comment. For other internet marketing strategies and your free report giving you a simple and little known way to make money online, visit: http://www.internetmarketingcomment.com/free-report .

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