How to Increase Online Sales Products


In the world where people are changing the preference from going to the store to ordering the product through online shopping system it has become really important for the businessmen to know about How to increase online sales of products. Competition is rising and so is the number of users thus to secure a best position in market it is important to know the complete structure of the work process.

How To Increase Online Sales Products

A list of basic features required for the product enduring site that should be followed is given below; user must be aware about these and must follow for the better results:

UpSell the Product:

Usually user buying a particular product has its image set for the reason as he/she had personal experience of the item, either he/she had used it or had recommendation from the current user. To pitch the desired product either shows the better product with sure positive or to show the extra particulars that he /she can use with that product. For eg; person going to buy a mobile must be pitched with the product with different color choice or the market accessories that enhance the use performance of the listed phone.

Usually it is observed that if the accessories or the better color combination or better product is displayed then user choice can be influenced and the market product sell can be increased.

Add Genuine Customer option:

Use the integration of social media such as INSTAGRAM where a buyer can upload the pic with recently bought product, it shows the genuine product buyer as well as the review will impact in much better way than expected. This helps other user to have a faith on the product and the sales for that item can be seen having increment.

App integration for an API of the social media is easy and client can as developer to integrate it on the ecommerce website.

Bulk Item Sales Discount:

Usually a customer might fill his/her cart with many items but at the checkout he/she may drop half of the items. He/she could be the potential client and you might be losing him/her due to the higher bill observed in checkout, to end this try to attract the buyer with heavy discount offers at the time of checkout. It is but obvious that when the user gets a good deal on the bulk items then he/she tends to order more rather cutting them out of the cart. One can also use the cute and sad image for loosing order number so that an emotional choice could make it difficult for the customer to opt out of that particular product.

Trend Reality:

Trendy products tend to sell more as if shown about through the Facebook or any other social media where the followers of that product had a recent hike. This makes a user follow the fashion and have the order placed for the particular item to remain up to date or follow the fashion.

Increase Marketing Area:

Email subscriber and Better marketing campaign placed using AdWord helps in scoring best out of returning clients as well as the customer interested in shopping of the dedicated stuff. Make a wise decision and get increase in sales product. Be smart, Remain update And Use All the business Mantra’s to have a relevant increment in profit margin.

Shipra an IT professional working with TecMaestro IT Services from past 2 yrs as Web Analyst and have 5 yrs of experience in IT industry.